LeBron James Jr.: Will the king’s son be better than the king himself?

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LeBron James Jr.: Will the king’s son be better than the king himself?

Ryan Turek, Staff Writer

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Many expect LeBron James Jr, nicknamed Bronny James, to surpass his father in terms of basketball skills. Technology has improved, and he is getting trained by his father and other NBA superstars, so predictions may be correct.

Lebron Jr. currently attends Old Trail Middle School and will likely attend St. Vincent St. Mary’s High School. At just thirteen, James has already gotten basketball scholarships from Kentucky University, Ohio State University, and Duke University.  In February 2015, LeBron James stated, “Yeah, he’s already got some offers from colleges; it’s pretty crazy. It should be a violation. You shouldn’t be recruiting ten-year-old kids” (CBS Detroit).

James exhibits many aspects of his father’s game, including his court vision, lockdown defense, layups, handles, pull up shots, and three-pointers.

Many credit Lebron Jr. with Old Trail’s ISL Tournament title at the end of February.  His team enjoyed a 52-35 win over Gilmour Academy.

Nathan Nootbaar, an eighth grade student at Gilmour Academy, had the opportunity to play against LeBron James Jr. “It was a bit odd,” he stated. “I tried not to think of it, but it was really hard not to. Afterwards, seeing myself in footage with half a million views was crazy, and I will always remember it.”

Nootbaar does not believe James will surpass his father in the future, explaining, “He is overrated, and people think he is good but you only see his top plays, not his true game, which is average.”

But many journalists and sports casters see promise in the young player. Cindy Boren from The Washington Post says, “He’s getting better and better at threading the ball to open teammates, shooting from long range and attacking the basket.”

Despite his father’s famousness, James maintains a meek attitude. According to Nootbaar, “he is humble and quiet, which I respect…his teammates were arrogant but he wasn’t at all, which was respectful.”

Nootbaar also states, “He passes well and he is aggressive and shows great leadership.”

Bronny was born in Akron on October 6, 2004. At one point, he lived in Miami when his father was part of the Miami Heat. James has one brother, Bryce James, and one sister, Zhuri James. James’ godfather is Houston Rockets point guard, Chris Paul.