Best Christmas movies according to MMS staff and students

Best Christmas movies according to MMS staff and students

Joshua Kerfonta, Staff writer

To determine the best Christmas movies according to MMS staff and students, over three hundred people were surveyed. Could your favorites be here?


10: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph came out on December 6, 1964. The character of Rudolph first appeared in a  1939 story by Robert L. May. The movie, which earned @5 of the vote, features clay stopmation and the voices of then-stars, Burl Ives and Billie Mae Richards.  Rudolph still is often shown on prime time network television before Christmas–making it a part of many families’ yearly traditions. The movie is a musical as well and features the famous “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” song as well as “The Island of Misfit Toys” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.”


9: It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life came out in 1947. MovieWeb states that the movie tells the story of George Bailey, a man who feels unable to continue with his life and attempts suicide until he receives a visit from an angel who shows him what the people he knows would have gone through had he never existed.  Starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, this old classic movie is still well-liked today and earned 2% of the vote–all from staff. One survey participant stated, “I love that it shows how one person can make a difference in so many others’ lives.”


8: Christmas Chronicles

Christmas Chronicles came out on  Netflix in 2018, making it the newest movie on the top ten list.  Christmas Chronicles is about  two siblings named Kate and Teddy, who try to catch Santa on camera. But things go wrong and they end up in his sleigh. They have to try to save the Christmas spirit with Santa. The movie features Kurt Russell as Santa. The sequel is also now available to stream on Netflix.

7: A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story earned 4% of the vote.  It was released in 1983 and is well-loved here because it was filmed in Cleveland. Tourists can visit the house and see the iconic leg lamp and other props at the downtown location. International Movie Database stated that the movie is about a young boy named Ralphie who attempts to convince his parents, his teacher ,and Santa that a Red Ryder BB gun really is the perfect Christmas gift.”  The movie stars Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon, and Darren McGavin.  A survey particpate said that they love this movie for “the nostalgia, the humor, and the narrator’s blunt and honest take on the ups and downs of childhood.”


6: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas is a 1993 Tim Burton movie about a Jack Skellington, who comes across Christmastown and wants to take control of the holiday. This animated movie earned 5% of the vote.  Interestingly, this movie appears on many lists for best Halloween movies as well.  Someone surveyed wrote, “I love this movie because it is funny and has an amazing sound track, and I also grew up on that movie every Halloween and Christmas.”


5: The Polar Express

Polar Express earned 6% of the vote. Released in 2004, the movie is about a boy who takes a train to the North Pole. It is based on a popular book by Chris Van Allsburg.  The animated movie features the voice of Tom Hanks.  One survey participant said the movie is “very nostalgic and brings back memories.” Others commented on memories of watching the movie in their pajamas, getting bells from their kindergarten teachers, or drinking hot cocoa with the movie.  Another person praised the film’s message on “the power of believing.”

4: (National Lampoon’s ) Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation earned 10% of the vote. It came out in 1989 and stars comedian Chevy Chase. Christmas Vacation is about a dad trying to have the best Christmas ever, but things keep wrong for the Griswold family. Those who chose this movie commented that it is funny and memorable. Many remarked that they watch it every year and that the film has a lot of quotable one-liners that never get old.

3: The Grinch 

The Grinch gained 10% of the vote–6% choosing the live-action movie from 2000 starring Jim Carey, and 4% choosing the classic animated version from 1966. The movie was also recently redone in 2018. IMDB states that Grinch is a movie about “a grumpy hermit who hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.”  The Grinch was originally created by Dr. Suess and has become a recognizable character featured on a lot of Christmas attire and decorations.  Now there are Grinch-based events like themed breakfasts and character visits. The movie is about the power of the Christmas spirit and the meaning of giving and joy that lies under all of the presents and decorations.


2: Elf

Elf, chosen by 18% of those surveyed, came out in 2003 and stars Will Ferrell, Peter Dinklage, James Caan, and Zoe Dechanel.  Elf is a movie about a human that was transported to the north pole and raised by elves and Santa. Buddy doesn’t think he fits in so he travels to New York to find his dad.  Voters called the movie hilarious, funny, and entertaining.  One participant called Buddy the Elf the “GOAT,” and another said, “my whole family laughs really hard every time we watch it.”

1: Home Alone

The Home Alone franchise earned 25% of the vote.  The original Home Alone, released in 1990, earned 16% and the sequel, Lost in New York, earned 7%.  The original  is about Kevin McAllister being accidentally left home alone when his family travels out of the country. He has to creatively defend his house against two robbers.  The sequel shows Kevin again separated from his family, alone in New York City and trying to stop the bandits from robbing a toy store.  Both movies were praised for their action and comedy. One passionate reviewer noted that Home Alone 2 is  “the ultimate holiday movie. Kevin’s family has forgotten him again, except this time he’s in the big apple during Christmastime. The lights! The snow! The hustle and bustle of holiday time! The toy stores! Central park! Ladies covered in doves! It’s a warm film that I think does a bit more than the original to capture the festive spirit of Christmas.”


Whatever your family’s favorite Christmas movie is, may it bring you together and help you celebrate the spirit of the holiday!