Music artist Mitski returns

Music artist Mitski  returns

Brooklyn Lavender, Staff Writer

Music artist Mitski comes back from a long hiatus.

Mitski, a singer considered to be an indie rock singer, finally comes back after a three-year hiatus in 2018. Mitski drops a new single called “Working for the Knife.” On October 5,  Mitski finally made a comeback, and her fans were thrilled. Mitski slowly started revealing her comeback when she changed her Instagram bio saying she was going to release a new song. With this new single, Mitski also premiered the new music video. Mitski also plans on dropping the whole album Laurel Hell on February 4, 2022. 

A few days after the video was released, Mitski dropped her new song. At that time, she also made a tour announcement for 2022.

According to Billboard, the new song “Working for the Knife” symbolizes a “relationship with the symbolic “knife” that cuts deep and exposes what’s inside.” Mitski was also interviewed to tell us the meaning of this song; from the article by Billboard, Mitski said, “It’s about going from being a kid with a dream to a grown-up with a job, and feeling that somewhere along the way you got left behind.” Mitski said that the new song is about “being confronted with a world that doesn’t seem to recognize your humanity and seeing no way out of it.”

A month after the first song’s release, Mitski dropped another new song from Laurel Hell. “The Only Heartbreaker” was the second single and was released on November 9. She released the video with it. Mitski tells the meaning of this song and what it’s supposed to represent. In an article by Genius, Mitski says, “the person always messing up in the relationship, the designated Bad Guy who gets the blame. It could simply be about that, but I also wanted to depict something sadder beneath the surface, that may be the reason you’re always the one making mistakes is that you’re the only one trying.”

She also tells how she was inspired to make this song “The Only Heartbreaker.” She was struggling to think about what to write for this song but she knew what she wanted to do with it. Finally, with some help, she wrote the song. “The Only Heartbreaker” is the first co-written song from Mitski and Dan Willison.

Laurel Hell will feature 11 singles. In an article by Vulture Mitski says, “I needed songs that could help me forgive both others and myself…I make mistakes all the time. I don’t want to put on a front where I’m a role model, but I’m also not a bad person.”

While her fans still have to wait two months for the whole album in February, they are still excited and ready for the new songs Mitski has to bring.