Life as a triplet


Juli Chuey, Staff Writer

I am a triplet, and many people wonder what it is like to have two people who are almost exactly like you. 

What different kinds of triplets are there?

There are a few different types of triplets. There are completely identical triplets; where all of the siblings are of the same gender and have extremely similar DNA. There are completely fraternal triplets, where they can be any gender but each triplet has a different set of DNA–as different as regular siblings. The kind that I am is a mix of identical triplets and fraternal triplets. I have an identical twin sister and a fraternal twin brother.

According to the ASRM, in natural pregnancies, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of having triplets.

What questions do you get asked as a triplet?

My siblings and I get asked plenty of questions that sometimes seem very silly (or  even intrusive). More often, my identical twin sister and I get questions because we are identical and not fraternal like my brother and me. We get asked questions like, “Which one are you?”, “Who is the oldest?”, “Where is your sister?”, “Can you hear your siblings’ thoughts?”, “Did you ever prank your parents or teachers?”, “Does your twin brother mix you two up?”, and “Do you feel your sister’s pain?”

How did teachers react in school?

In school teachers would separate us to try their best not to mix us up. Surprisingly my sister and I’s teachers who have us both at the same time don’t mix us up very often because they have seating charts, and we both have very distinct personalities. Many teachers do put us on opposite sides of their room when making seating charts, though.

How did birthdays work out?

When it comes to birthdays we would all have one big birthday party at a place that the three of us agreed upon. We would each be allowed to invite a few of our friends.

Do you all share the same personality?

Many people wonder if we share similar qualities and personality traits. The answer is that we definitely don’t. My identical twin sister is very extroverted and feels comfortable talking to people. My brother is introverted, which means he feels more comfortable by himself. I am an ambivert, which means that I display the qualities of both extroverts and introverts.

Are there people who always know who is who?

There are some people who can almost always guess who is who correctly. Our parents almost always get it right, and people who have known us our whole lives can usually get it right.

Do you dress the same?

My sister and I actually avoid dressing the same. We both agree that we prefer to be perceived as separate people, and dressing the same definitely can prevent this from happening.