What is the best Pokemon?

What is the best Pokemon?

Cameron Boscarelli, Staff Writer

The title for best Pokemon is hard to choose. There are multiple Pokemon, all good at their own things. Some Pokemon have better health than others. But some have better attack and special attack than most. Additionally, some are decent at all skills but the best in none. Some might even know better moves than others.

Pokemon is a video game made in 1996, and the player has to go through places and cities battling trainers and catching Pokemon. The maximum amount of Pokemon a player has in a party is six, and the rest can be caught and added to the game box. Players can then access the box by going to the Pokemon center. Most Pokemon are based off of something whether it’s an animal or something completely different like hieroglyphics. Pokemon is a complex game where players can either just play for fun or compete in matches like VGC.

Some Pokemon are better to use than the others and some are good for double battles while others are only good for singles.

According to Pokemondp.net, the best Pokemon is Eternamax or Gigantamax Eternatus. But that Pokemon is not available so far because players cannot Dynamax or Gigantamax a Eternatus as  of February 2020. It is also tied for the most health points with Blissey. In this article, I will not count Gigantamax Pokemon since all Pokemon can Dynamax but only some can Gigantamax ; so this article will count Pokemon in their normal forms unless they are supposed to have multiple forms.


The best Pokemon for attack is Zacian Crowned version. It is actually tied with Kyurem-Black for base attack but Zacian Crowned but its ability Intrepid Sword gives it a attack boost every time it enters the field so it is the best attacker.

The best attacker is Eiscue since its ability is Ice Face and it cannot be hit when its ability is still up. So it can set a substitute and get to 75% health then it can belly drum getting to 25% health (but belly drum takes 50% health away and gives the Pokemon plus 6 attack.)  Also if players put a Salac Berry on it it gets plus 1 speed when it gets to 25% or less.

The Pokemon with the best defense is Shuckle. Its defense  and special defense are both 230, which is the highest base defense and special defense in the game. But a very good defensive Pokemon is Galarian- Corsola with 100 defense and 100 special defense. However, since it can evolve players can add the item Eviolite and give the Galarian Corsola a 50% defense boost–giving it base 150 for both defenses. It also learns the move Strength Sap and whatever gets it by the move gets negative 1 attack and heals the user for a ton of health. The less attack it has, the less the Corsola will need to heal. The bad part about it is that it does not lower special attack, so special attackers can beat Corsola.

The fastest Pokemon with the best speed is Deoxys- Speed. Deoxys and its speed version are not in the game or available, so the fastest Pokemon is Ninjask . Ninjask could be the fastest Pokemon even with Deoxys Speed around because it has the ability speed boost. This is an ability that only five fully-evolved Pokemon can acquire. Every turn, it gets plus 1 speed every turn and if Ninjask had plus 1 speed and Deoxys Speed had no extra speed, Ninjask would out- speed it. Ninjask is also good because it can have no item and have the move acrobatics and having no item will give the Pokemon move acrobatics double base power, making it a 110 base flying attack plus typing stab. It also gets swords dance, where the Pokemon gets plus 2 attack as long as it is in the battle; but if it switches out it loses the boosts.

Eighth grader Ethan Gay said that his favorite Pokemon was and he responded, “I like Salamence because he is a big dragon that can Mega Evolve and looks like a croissant. And I like Scizor because he is overpowered if you have the right move set and stuff.” Ethan also stated that, “Scizor is also good because it can get the ability technician.”

But Ethan has not played Pokemon Sword or Shield and ever since than both of those Pokemon are unavailable according to Pokemon Showdown.

Another really great Pokemon is Dracovish. This Pokemon is one of the best Pokemon because for one its ability is Strong Jaw and according to Pokemon Showdown this ability makes the users bite based attacks have a power boost of 1.5. It also gets the attack Fishious Rend and this attack is 85 power but if the user goes first the attack power is double. Players can also put on a Choice Scarf and this gives the Pokemon double speed. So even if the water attack is not very effective it will do a lot off damage.

The last Pokemon that is pretty good is Ditto. Its ability is Imposter and that makes it go to whatever the opponent’s Pokemon is. The Ditto turns into that Pokemon and all its stats change except its  Health stat. But if users put a choice scarf on the Ditto, that makes the Ditto faster than the opposing Pokemon unless the opposing Pokemon also has a choice Scarf, in which case it is a speed tie and whoever goes first is random.

Check out this video of different Pokemon battling.