Cleveland Browns season so far: Week 6 analysis

Cleveland Browns season so far: Week 6 analysis

Jamari Frederick, Staff Writer

Browns fans started the year hopeful.  The team has a lot of talent such as receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, as well as returning quarterback Baker Mayfield, who had a stand-out rookie season with the highest rookie yards-per-game average of any QB at 286.5.

But in Week 1, the Cleveland Browns got defeated by the Tennessee Titans 13-43 and the fans were disappointed.

In the first game, the Browns put up only 346 offensive yards.  They had 18 penalties for 182 negative yards.  The Cleveland Browns also gave up 6 first downs from penalties and they also allowed a pick-6 by the Tennessee Titans

It was a bad start to the season.


But in Week 2, the Browns defeated the Jets 28-3.  Odell got an impressive one-handed grab and a 80-yard touchdown, the longest of his career.  Baker Mayfield threw for 325 yards.

The defense held the Jets to just 3 points. Myles Garrett the Defensive End had 2 sacks on the Jets.

But in Week 3, things looked bad again. The Cleveland Browns got defeated by the Los Angeles Rams 13-20.  Baker Mayfield threw just touchdown pass and he also threw an interception to Los Angeles Rams safety John Johnson III with 27  seconds left on the clock.. The Cleveland Browns also had 8 turnovers and lost 60 yards together.

Weeks 4 and 5 were a similar up-and-down roller coaster.  Fans were excited about their 40-25 victory over the Ravens in a division match up but then torn down by the 3-31 defeat by the 49ers in week 5.

In Week 6, The Cleveland Browns got defeated again by the Seattle Seahawks, this time in a painfully close game, 32-28. Baker Mayfield went 22 for 37  with  249 passing yards.  However, he threw 3 interceptions. Nick Chubb had a big game ending with two touchdowns and 122 yards.  Odell Beckham Jr had 6 receptions and 101 yards but zero touchdowns.

Cleveland Browns defense allowed Russell Wilson to throw 2 touchdown passes and run for 1. The Cleveland Browns allowed 4 turnovers and a rushing touchdown by Chris Carson with 3:30 left on the clock. Overall, the Browns allowed 454 yards total, 29 first downs, and 3 interceptions.

The Cleveland Browns are now in 2nd place in the AFC North with an 2-4 record ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Browns have a lot of talent such as Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, Denzel Ward, Greedy Williams, and Myles Garrett. Yet the start to the season has been inconsistent.  By having a better game plan, relying less on passing doing more running (to reduce Mayfied interceptions), they may be able to make the rest of the season better. The past 6 games Baker Mayfield had thrown 11 interceptions, and that’s the most by an Browns Quarterback since 1984.

The Browns have 10 games remaining to make a playoff push and improve their disappointing record. Browns fans have seen worse, so they remain hopeful that the team can make the most of their talent.