“Like a Family”: Inside the performances of MMS choir group, Vocal Dimensions


Hannah Kloppman, Staff Writer

Friday, March 15, the eighth-grade choir group Vocal Dimensions toured four different Mayfield Elementary schools–their perfected and energetic routine leaving many in awe.

The performance featured “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman, “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, and “Brand New” by Ben Rector. Solo performers included Lizzie Wurm, Erika Stafford, Paris Bunch, Joel Kpassou, Noella Senra, Kyle Gleba, Megan Kless, Veronica Mui, Emma Berkey, Emma Cook, and Dominic Ambrosio.

The day began at 8:15, where the choir students assembled in Mr. Bright’s room to warm up before they headed to Millridge Elementary at 8:45. Students there were receptive of the performance. “It was really good” said Seth Royer, Millridge student. 

Similarly, Millridge second grader Emma Greene had nothing but praise for the group, saying, “I loved it because of how great their voices were.”

When asked about his thoughts on the show, Tony Ketcham, Millridge second grader yelled excitedly, “1000% loved it!”

Additionally, Millridge teachers enjoyed the performance just as much as their students did. Mrs. Barth, 3rd grade Millridge teacher said in response to the performance, “I thought they had lots of energy. It was nice seeing the kids I had at Millridge. It was a lot of fun.”

This opinion was shared by Millridge art teacher Mrs. Vigilotti, who said, “It was amazing. It was so nice to see students I taught. They were wonderful!”

Next, Vocal Dimensions went to Center Elementary. Students there responded positively to the performance. “I loved it” says Alexa Tsevdos, Center first grader. Additionally, Nataie Delaluz, fourth grader at Center says, “I liked it, it was really fun.”

“They were amazing. It’s great to see the growth of kids from Center; we look forward to it every year,” says Mrs. Rateno, Center principal. 

Fifth grade Center teacher, Mrs. Schultz, called the show “inspirational” and said it was fun to see the kids she had in the past preforming.

For their third show Vocals headed to Gates Mills, where students and educators alike enjoyed the show. “Fantastic, I loved their smiles and it’s very fun to see former students,” said Mrs. Hall, Gates Mills music teacher. In addition, third grade Gates Mills teacher Mrs. Frate said; “I loved it, they were really entertaining.”

Second grade Gates Mills student Maria Volokh called the show “really special.”

Vocal Dimensions’ final show took place at Lander Elementary, where principal Mrs. Evans described the show as “absolutely amazing” and said she was so proud of all the kids she had at Lander that performed. 

Lander music teacher Mrs. Stretch said following the performance, “It was really good. The pitch and choreography was great; it was really fun.” Lander kindergartner Lily Stewart said she liked the show a lot, her favorite number being “This is Me.”

While they might be having fun on stage, the process that Vocal Dimensions goes through leading up to the performance can be hard work. Vocal Dimensions director Mr. Bright says, “It looks fun on stage, but it is still work and sometimes on those days when everyone is tired, they still have to do the work to get through it, and keep moving forward.”


“I love everything about vocals. I feel like I’ve made a lot of friends, and I’ve wanted to be in Vocal Dimensions since I was in fourth grade, so I think my elementary school self would be proud.” Emma Cook, vocals student

“I like how we treat each other like a family. Mr. Bright is really awesome; he helps us when we mess up and everyone’s there for you when you need it.” Vasana Webel, vocals student


“What I like about Vocal Dimensions is getting to be with the group; we have a lot of fun together” Lydia Abbey, vocals student


“I love that we’re like one big family.” Megan Kless, vocals student

“I like the jokes and the fun.” Roman Kim, vocals student

“The trips are fun. I also like going to megadrills and learning the choreography and songs.” Hannah Gross, vocals student