Eight Netflix suggestions to get you through the winter

Eight Netflix suggestions to get you through the winter

Caree Cabbell , Staff Writer

Netflix, originally called Kibble, started in 1997 and initially delivered DVDs through the mail.  In 2007 they started using streaming technology, giving viewers the chance to watch what they want when they want. Since then, according to Statista, their revenue jumped from 1.2 billion to over 11.6 billion. The number of Netflix subscribers also skyrocketed from 23 million in 2011 to over 130 million in 2018. 

Even though Netflix’s prices have more than doubled since they started streaming services, with plans ranging from $8.99 to $15.99 per month, Netflix offers a sizable library for immediate streaming at a cost far lower than cable.  It’s so popular that 37% of the people with cable in the world subscribe to Netflix. 

Netflix even started making its own shows and movies, called Netflix originals, which are available to view exclusively on Netflix and can be spotted with the red Netflix logo in the corner.

During a cold, Cleveland winter, having access to limitless episodes can be a great way to pass the time. Here are my top 8 Netflix recommendations:


Dear White People

It is about a girl in college at a school with little to no diversity. The students there are racist and try to be “black,” so she makes a radio show where she talks about what they shouldn’t do because it offensive.  (common sense media, age 17+)

Queen of the South

Queen of the South is such a good show. It’s basically about  a woman who gets involved with drug cartels and tries to make her way to be the leader of the cartel.  (common sense media, age 17+)


It’s a show placed in old days when there were kings and queens still. It is about a princess of Scotland who was to marry the prince of France to gain an alliance. But it does not go as easily as she plans.  (common sense media, age 16+)

13 Reasons Why

This well-known series is about a teenager who commits suicide and leaves 13 tapes detailing the people and events that lead her to her decision. The second season deals with the characters coping with the aftermath and continues to address bullying, sexual assault, and school violence.  (common sense media, age 16+)



Another good show is  Lucifer, which explores what would happen if the devil came to earth pretending to be a human.(common sense media, age 14+)




This show is about the Gallagher family–six kids struggling to get by and their alcoholic father. The teens face issues like pregnancy,violence, and drugs. (common sense media, age 18+)

Gossip Girl

This show is about high school students who go through so much drama and problems, but there is someone online who exposes their problems and secrets on a website called “Gossip Girl.” The whole show, while trying to solve their problems, they also try to discover who is responsible for the site. (common sense media, age 15+)


Arrow is a superhero show about a troubled adult who wants to save his city. But while doing that, the citizens call him the “vigilante.” (common sense media, age 13+)


Maybe one of these shows will be your next binge!




*These are recommendations from a student writer, not The Wildcat Voice or Mayfield Middle School. Ratings and suggested ages have been supplied.  As always, students should make decisions about what to or not to watch with the guidance of a parent or responsible adult.