Like watching paint dry: New England Patriots win the Super Bowl for the sixth time

Like watching paint dry: New England Patriots win the Super Bowl for the sixth time

Anthony Brack, Staff Writer

On February 3, in Atlanta, Georgia, the New England Patriots took on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53. The final score was 13-3, the Patriots winning their sixth Super Bowl in what was the lowest scoring game in Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl 53 broke the record for the fewest points scored in a game, the fewest touchdowns scored in a game, and the lowest score by a winning team. The previous record was set in 1949.

Stats on the game reveal how uneventful the game really way. The Patriots had just 356 yards of total offensive. Tom Brady threw for 262 yards, and Sony Michel rushed for 92 yards and a touchdown. Game MVP Julian Edelman had ten receptions for 141 yards. 

The Rams had only 260 total yards with Jared Goff throwing for 229 yards and Todd Gurley rushing for just 35. Brandin Cooks had receptions for 120 yards.

In comparison to this year’s 616 yards of offense, last year’s Super Bowl had nearly double, at 1,151 yards.

Neither team was able to gain offensive momentum. The game was dominated by defense with 14 total punts in the game. The Rams especially struggled to gain first downs and now hold the record for the most consecutive drives ending in a punt with eight.  Most drives did not last past 5 to 6 plays.  The Rams had 60 plays in total, and the Patriots had 68.

While the game set records of its own, Super Bowl 53 made history for the Patriots, Tom Brady, and Coach Bill Belichick.  The Patriots now tie the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most franchise Super Bowl wins with six. Tom Brady holds the record for playing in the most Super Bowls at nine and for the most Super Bowl victories with six.  Bill Belichick holds the same to records but for a coach.  Interestingly both Brady, who is 41-years-old, and Belichick, who is 66, hold the records for the oldest winning QB and coach.

If you missed the game, you didn’t miss much, but here’s an overview: Patriots started with the ball but Brady threw an interception.  However, the Rams did not score off the pick. The Patriots got the ball for the second time and got down to the 40 yard line for a field goal, which Stephen Gostkowski, the Patriots’ kicker, missed.  However, he later had another opportunity and made it, taking the Patriots into halftime with a 3-0 lead.

Coming out of half, the Rams kicked a field goal to tie it up at 3-3, where the score remained until there was 9:15 left in the game. At the Rams’ 2 yard line Sony Michel, the Patriots’ running back, scored the first touchdown to take a 10-3 lead.  The Rams were driving with four minutes left, which could have made a somewhat exciting ending to an otherwise dull game, but a pass was intercepted. The Patriots were able to move down the field and score another field goal.

The MVP of the game was the Patriots’ Wide Receiver Julian Edelman.  He commented that receiving the award was “an absolute honor” and went on to say, “I’m just so proud of the group of guys that we had this year.”  He mentioned “the ups and downs” and “ebbs and flows of the season.” He ended by saying, “when things weren’t at its best, [the team] constantly tried to go out and improve…just shows what kind of group of guys it was this year.”

Teacher Mr. Capadona was disappointed in the Super Bowl.  He noted that the NFL’s regular season had a lot of great offense and that he expected the Super Bowl to be the same, but instead it was defensive.   Teacher Mr. Duraj also called the game a “defensive battle” with “not a lot of exciting scoring.” 

Mrs. Trentanelli compared the game to a cake cone–bland and flavorless. That pretty much sums up Super Bowl 53.