Upcoming Green Tie Gala will raise money for STEAM and students PK-12

Upcoming Green Tie Gala will raise money for STEAM and students PK-12

Katie Leskovec, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 9, the fourth annual Green Tie Gala will be held at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven to raise money for STEAM and the PK-12 educational programs in Mayfield.

Guests attending the 2018 Green Tie Gala

The Green Tie Gala is an adult-only dinner party to raise money for Mayfield programs, teachers, and students. The gala includes an elegant sit-down dinner provided by Executive Caterers, a raffle, a full bar, and a live band and dancing. The band performing this year is Sumrada. There is also a live and silent auction.

MHS band students perform at the 2018 gala


The money raised comes from three main sources: the tickets, the auctions, and the sponsorships. The gala is being sponsored by the Friends of the Mayfield School District and the Wildcat Community Foundation, as well as many community business partners. The purpose of these sponsorships is to create partnerships with businesses from Cleveland for future purposes. The sponsorships also advertise companies to many area professionals and community members. If you wish to sponsor the gala, more information is on the Mayfield district website.

This year’s proceeds will go towards many academic programs in Mayfield, such as the Arts (choir and theatre programs; band), students PK-12, entrepreneurial programs, STEAM, and other innovative programming. This includes things such as 3D printers, innovative learning projects, and technologies for classrooms and the Innovation Center.

The 2018 Green Tie Gala, at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven

Committee member of the gala, Kim Zanella, said that Mayfield raised $60,000 last year and more than $150,000 in total of all three years.

In previous years, the money raised went towards many different forms of innovative and creative learning. Chromebooks were supplied to MMS and MHS, and elementary classrooms gained tablets. At Mayfield Middle School, students gained access to STEM classes, and the school offered a “day of code,” where students used code.org to learn basic coding skills.

At Mayfield High School, students in medical classes were provided with specimens and supplies for dissection as well as virtual reality headsets for learning. Proceeds also went towards Digital Media Production (DMP) classes. These classes teach students how to film and edit videos. Wildcat Weekly is an example of an independent project that is provided to the students from DMP.

As in past years, it will be held at Executive Caterers at Landerhaven.  The event, to be held  Saturday, February 9 at 6:00 pm is a ticketed event. Single tickets are $125 and are being sold on the Mayfield district website.