McDonald’s around the world

McDonalds around the world

Mia Kala, Staff Writer

If you ever go to a McDonald’s out of the country or even state and expect to know the menu, you might be surprised. Most McDonald’s locations have a splash of the culture represented.

For example the Ebu Filet O’ Shrimp Burger is served at McDonald’s located in Japan. The burger has a panko fried shrimp patty topped with lettuce, tempura sauce, lettuce and ketchup. It’s the most popular burger option at McDonald’s in Japan–outselling all of the other franchise classics.

This unusual looking hot pocket is actually a sweet dessert. The one with the white filling is called a haupia pie. It’s made with coconut and creme filling crusted with a fried dough.

The purple one is made with taro. Taro is a tropical Asian plant that in popular in Asia and Pacific Islands such as Hawaii. The plant tastes similar to a potato or sweet potato. The taro pie is also sweet because of the purple goo in it, which makes the texture very unusual. This interesting treat can be found in China and Hawaii.


In Hawaii it is very common thing to eat white rice with a lot of meals, especially with breakfast. This dish is called the Hawaiian local plate. It includes white rice, a fried egg, and a choice of Portuguese sausages or cooked SPAM. SPAM is extremely popular in Hawaii as well. 

 The McCurry Pan is one of the fancier dishes sold at McDonald’s. This dish features creamy curry with vegetables, served in of a crispy edible pan. These are served in McDonald’s locations in India.  The McDonald’s in India are very different from the ones in America because they do not serve beef or pork.  That’s right, a McDonald’s with no hamburgers at all. All the beef and pork is replaced with chicken or seafood because 80% of the population there are Hindus and they don’t eat beef.

Most McDonald’s have french fries or maybe onion rings as a side dish, but have you heard of fried shrimp at a McDonald’s? In Russia, customers can get fried shrimp as an alternative side dish to replace french fries. 

Have you ever heard of spaghetti at McDonald’s? Well, it’s a thing! In the Philippines, the McDo with McSpaghetti is a fried chicken drumstick with a side of noodles topped with meat sauce. According to reviews, the meat sauce is sweet rather than the salty, herbed Italian-style sauce to which Americans are accustomed. 

Chicken curry or stir fried noodles might not seem like something that would be served at McDonald’s,but in Australia, it’s considered one of the menu’s classics. The stir fry consists of sauteed vegetables and chicken pieces with either sweet, sour, or curry sauce to top it off. 

McDonald’s is located in 119 countries across the globe, and many cater to the culture of the given location–diverging from the classic BigMacs and McChickens to appeal to the tastes of their audience.