WWE holds its first all-women’s pay per view, “Evolution”

WWE holds its first all-womens pay per view, “Evolution”

Nick Arrietta, Staff Writer

On October 28, 2018, history was made when WWE held its first all women’s pay per view, Evolution.  In the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, in Uniondale, New York, fans got to witness the first ever WWE show with only women’s matches on the card. There was a total of 7 matches with 3 being championship matches.

Women in WWE have been degraded and oversexualized for many years. They were called divas instead of women and had a “divas championship” instead of a women’s championship. But in 2015 that all changed when Stephanie McMahon announced the divas revolution, which would turn into a women’s evolution. The revolution gave women more time to wrestle and show that they are capable. With Evolution another door was opened for female wrestlers.

The show set a tone from the beginning that honored women by having two female commentators, which has never been done before.

The opening match was a tag bout between veteran wrestlers Mickie James and Alicia Fox with five-time women’s champion Alexa Bliss in their corner. They faced off against two returning hall of famers, Trish Stratus and Lita. Trish and Lita, being the good guys, got to deliver their signature maneuvers to defeat the bad guys, Alicia and Mickie.

The second match was a battle royal with over twenty women from past and present. The match had some memorable moments that led to former women’s champion Nia Jax defeating Ember Moon to win the match.





The third match up on the card was the finals of the Mae Young classic. The tournament is dedicated to WWE hall of famer Mae Young, and it saw Toni Storm taking on Io Shirai in an incredible match that was called the match of the night by some. The match had amazing maneuvers and saw a breathtaking moonsault by Io Shirai to Storm on the outside. In the end Toni Storm was able to hit her finishing maneuver, the storm zero, to win the tournament.


A six-women tag match would commence after the tournament final and it saw the team of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Natalya defeat the Riot squad.


The next match-up would be the first of three championship matches. The NXT women’s champion Kairi Sane defended her title against former mixed martial artist Shayna Baszler in a hard hitting match-up. In the end, Shayna’s friend, who is also a martial artist, Jesse Duke, would distract Kairi to help Shayna to win the title.

The first of the two main events was the first-ever last woman standing match for the Smackdown women’s championship, which was decided between champion Becky Lynch and 7 time women’s champion Charlotte Flair. The only way to win is to keep one’s  opponent down for the referee’s count of ten seconds. The two girls used many weapons to their advantage by using tables, ladders and chairs. The match got even more extreme when Charlotte hit a moonsault and a swanton bomb to put Becky through the table. Later in the match, Becky Lynch would jump off a ladder onto Charlotte, who was laying on the commentator’s table. Both of these girls did everything they could to win; and Becky Lynch even tried to bury Charlotte with ladders and chairs so she wouldn’t get back up. But in the end Becky Lynch won the match when Charlotte could not get up after she was put through a table on the outside. 

The Final match of the night was for the Raw women’s championship. It was between Champion, former mixed martial artist and UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey, and 2-time women’s champion and reality star Nikki Bella. The match started off with Ronda gaining the advantage over her opponent, but Nikki was able to take it back with the help of her twin sister Brie. Ronda would fight her way back by grabbing both of the girls  and lifting them both over her shoulders. She would deliver her finisher to both of the women. The match had many memorable and crowd-pleasing moments including dives and powerful maneuvers. In the end Nikki tried to jump off the top rope but Ronda climbed up as well and slammed her down to the mat. She used her patterned armbar to make Nikki Bella tap out.

WWE Evolution overall had great action and amazing moments. The event will hopefully lead to even more doors opening for more women’s wrestling.