27 reasons why Trump is a great president

27 reasons why Trump is a great president

Marissa Mauceri, Staff Writer

Politics are very controversial, and so is President Donald Trump. Some love him; some hate him. By the title, you can tell how I feel. But even if you don’t care for him, you still have to recognize that he has had many accomplishments in office so far, and his term isn’t even over yet. Here’s a list of all the things that make him amazing.

He beat the odds. Although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million, Trump still won.

Tax reform. He passed tax reform that resulted in $5.5 billion in cuts. This helped the common person save $870.

ObamaCare. He repealed the ObamaCare mandate. While some were disappointed at first, most now see how beneficial it was. 

The economy. The Gross Domestic Product went up 3%. He created 1.7 million new jobs and cut the unemployment rate to 4.1 percent. The stock market has soared. He saw the Dow Jones reach a record high, 26616.71 in January 2018.

Coal industry. He eliminated an Obama law that protected streams; the previous law unfairly affected and limited the coal industry.

Infrastructure. He signed an executive order that cut the time for infrastructure permit approvals. This allows for quicker timelines in altering an existing infrastructure or creating a new one.

Economic optimism. The Economic Optimism Index rebounded and is at a 17-year high. It currently stands at 55.7 for the month of September 2018.  

Apprenticeships. He signed an executive order to boost apprenticeships in order to help millennials get jobs.

Women-owned businesses.  He showed support towards women-owned businesses with some $500 million in Small Business Association loans.

Killing regulations. He signed an executive order that two regulations must be killed for every new one he creates. He beat that and cut 16 regulations for every new one he created. These cuts saved $8.1 billion. He also signed 15 congressional regulatory cuts.

Obama-era Paris Climate Agreement. He withdrew the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the burden and economic threat of environmental regulations. Au revoir!

Opening up trade.  He withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was a trade agreement between multiple countries that all share the Pacific Ocean. Withdrawing from this was one of his promises during his campaign. Promises Made. Promises Kept! He also opened up the North American Free Trade Agreement so the government can work on how to better deal for the U.S.

Coming back home. He worked to bring companies back to the U.S. In turn, he caused Mazda, Toyota, Foxconn, and Broadcom Limited to announce plans to open plants here.  He then worked on agreements to export more American products to more places. Net Exports are projected to increase by $59 billion this year.

Cuba. He ended Obama’s deal with Cuba because of the way they have treated people. They have not since made any new agreements.

Immigration. He made progress to build the famous Mexican border wall to keep illegal immigrants and drug cartels out.  He also cracked down on 300 sanctuary cities. He ended DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and put the heat on Congress to make a decision on what to do with children who were illegally brought here as minors. The result of all of these efforts was a 40% decrease in illegal immigration.

New cops. Trump approved grants of $98 million that will be used to fund more than 800 additional officers to keep our country safe.

Opioid crisis. He declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency on Opioids. His administration put in $500 million to help with the epidemic.

International relations. He traveled to different countries like Asia, the Middle East, and Europe to establish better relationships and maintain communication.  During many of these trips, he met with leaders across the globe to promote the use of U.S. energy all around the world.

Protected life. He reduced funding to Planned Parenthood–an effort which will cut down on abortions. 

Veterans. The President signed multiple acts to support veterans and their families.

Kim Jong Un.  Trump stepped up when no when else would and met with Kim Jong Un. He cleared things up with them and prevented them from bombing us.

Travel ban. While it remains controversial, the travel ban seemingly did keep possible terrorists from coming into our country. According to Start UMD Data, terrorist attacks went down by 20% in 2017.

The U.S. Embassy. He moved the U.S. Embassy from Israel to Jerusalem, as he promised.

Iranian Nuclear Deal. The President withdrew from the Iranian Nuclear deal, which was supposed to limit Iran’s ability to make nuclear weapons. The deal, though, also included benefits to Iran’s oil industry.  By backing out, Trump will be forcing other countries to import less oil from Iran, which could drive prices down. 

Fake news. He calls attention to biased media coverage and exposed major platforms such as MSNBC, which purposely puts out stories to make Trump look bad, and Google, which hides results for conservative views.

Supreme Court. He nominated Neil Gorsuch, who was a very impressive choice, and Brett Kavanaugh, who earned the seat.  This nomination and confirmation will likely tilt decision making in favor of Conservatives. 

Hair. He has amazing hair. You have to admit it. AMAZING!