50 weird food laws


Amia Nettles, Staff Writer

While it’s safe to say that laws are necessary to maintain order and justice, some laws are just downright weird. There are even laws about food that will have you saying, “What the heck.” So let’s take a look at weird food laws in each state.

Alabama- Did you know that in Alabama having ice cream in your back pocket is off-limits?

Alaska- Feeding any alcoholic beverage to a moose is a very serious offense. (Who would think of that anyway?)

Arizona- It is illegal to refuse a glass a water. Hope you’re thirty!

Arkansas- You can’t honk your car horn at a sandwich shop after 9pm. (What about 8:59 p.m?)

California- Plan on eating some fruit in the bathtub? Well, it better not be an orange because it’s illegal. Maybe an apple will work.

Colorado- No liquor may be sold on election day in the state. Too bad; you can’t have a voting party.

Connecticut- So a pickle is a cucumber drenched in vinegar, but to qualify as a pickle in Connecticut, the “pickle” must bounce.

Delaware- If you wanted to have a nice picnic on the highway, sorry; it’s illegal in Delaware. (Probably not the safest spot anyway.)

Florida- Don’t be clumsy! In Florida, you’re not allowed to break more than three dishes per day.

Georgia- Fried chicken isn’t typically eaten with utensils, but it’s illegal in the state of Georgia to not eat fried chicken with your fingers.

Hawaii- One is enough! Hawaii prohibits people from having more than one alcoholic drink in front of them at a time.

Idaho- It is illegal for man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing under 50 pounds. Now that’s a sweet gesture.

Illinois- You may NOT eat at a restaurant that is on fire. You’re welcome.

Indiana-If you’ve eaten garlic in the last four hours, you’re not allowed to go to a movie theater or ride a public streetcar. (I’m sure the moviegoers of Indiana are grateful for this one.)

Iowa- Load your refrigerators with ice cream, because in the city of Indianola,  ice cream trucks are prohibited.

Kansas- Don’t get too angry. It’s illegal to hit a vending machine that stole your money.

Kentucky- Throwing eggs at a public speaker is illegal. It could even get you up to a year of jail time.

Louisiana- Pranking your friends and sending them pizzas without their knowledge could get you a $500 fine. 

Maine- It is illegal to park your car in front of a Dunkin Donuts on a main street. 

Maryland- Your mom has probably told you not to eat before you swim, but in Maryland, actually eating while you’re in the ocean is a big no-no.

Massachusetts- Mourners are not allowed to eat more than three sandwiches at a wake. That’s pretty harsh. 

Michigan- Don’t get tipsy on a  train. If you’re drunk and disruptive on a train, you are in fact, breaking a law.

Minnesota- If you’re craving a burger in Minnesota on a Sunday, sorry; your out of luck. 

Mississippi- Selling the meat of a cat for food is definitely not legal. (Okay, I think we can all support this one.)

Missouri- If your milk man is running while on duty, you better warn him….Wait, who even has a milkman anymore?

Montana- Pop bottles are not to be thrown on the ground. Finally, a law that makes sense!

Nebraska- Everybody loves donut holes…except Nebraska. They forbid them from being sold.

Nevada- If you don’t want to buy drinks for the squad, don’t worry. In the city of Nyala, it’s against the law to buy drinks for more than three people at any point during the day.

New Hampshire- Don’t get drunk in a cemetery. 

New Jersey- Table manners are important, but New Jersey takes them seriously. Slurping your soup is against the law. Do noodles count?

New Mexico- A delicious, hearty packed lunch is always good, right? No, apparently in New Mexico it’s illegal to carry a lunchbox. Maybe a brown paper bag will do?

New York- Eating peanuts and walking backwards on the sidewalks of New York is illegal. Try to refrain.

North Carolina- We all love some good greasy food, but stealing somebody’s grease could be considered a first class misdemeanor or even a felony.

North Dakota- Beer and pretzels cannot legally be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant. 

Ohio- Cereal is a quick and easy breakfast. But in Columbus, Ohio, stores can not sell corn flakes on Sundays, so you better stock up ahead of time.

Oklahoma- Sharing is caring. But Oklahoma seems to disagree, because it is illegal to take a bite out of another person’s hamburger.

Oregon- We all scream for ice cream! Just not on Sundays. It’s illegal to eat ice cream on Sundays in Oregon.

Pennsylvania- I hope you weren’t thinking about taking a nice nap on top of a refrigerator because sorry to break it to you, Pennsylvania outlaws it.

Rhode Island- Don’t throw pickle juice at a school trolley; it’s rude, and illegal.

South Carolina- The city of Spartanburg has no tolerance for people eating watermelon in the Magnolia Cemetery.


South Dakota- Residents are forbidden from going to sleep in a cheese factory.

Tennessee- In Tennessee, if you see some tasty roadkill, go for it. It’s legal to eat in this state.

Texas- Don’t be a dairy thief. In Texas, if you milk someone else’s cow, you would be breaking the law.

Utah- Drinking milk is important for strong bones and such. In Utah, they think that milk is so important that it is against the law to not drink milk.

Vermont- Hide the fake butter. In Vermont, margarine or any other butter substitute is not allowed, only real butter.

Virginia- In Richmond, Virginia, it is illegal to flip a coin to see who pays for coffee. So somebody needs to take the tab on this one.

Washington- Attaching vending machines to a utility pole is off limits.

West Virginia- Just like Tennessee, if you come in contact with some roadkill and want to take it home for dinner, West Virginia doesn’t mind!

Wisconsin- We all know Wisconsin is the cheese state. But they’ve gone so far as to make it illegal to serve apple pie in public without the addition of a slice of cheese.

Wyoming- Skiing under the influence of alcohol is illegal.


There you have it–50 weird food laws for the 50 states. From having ice cream in your back pocket, to having cheese on your apple pie, we can say that these laws are extremely bizarre.