YouTube headquarters involved in minor shooting in California

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YouTube headquarters involved in minor shooting in California

Genny Kootsouradis, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, April 3, a shooting took place at the YouTube headquarters in Mountain View, California. The shooter was identified as Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a thirty-nine year old YouTuber.

Aghdam was seen at a shooting range the morning before the attack, practicing with a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun. Once at the headquarters that afternoon, she shot three YouTube employees, with whom she had no connections, and then shot herself.

Aghdam attacked the headquarters because she was upset about YouTube’s practices and policies after they placed age restrictions on her videos. She accused the company of filtering her channels to prevent her from getting views and to discourage her from making videos.

Aghdam in one of her videos

Aghdam had four Youtube channels, all of which have been deactivated. One channel was in English, another in Turkish, one in Farsi, and one was dedicated to her art. She also had an Instagram page that focused on a vegan lifestyle.

Aghdam’s brother (who wishes to remain unidentified) knew something was wrong with his sister after she stopped answering her phone. Her family had reported her missing a few days before the attack.

Early Tuesday morning, eleven hours before the incident, police in Mountain View found Aghdam sleeping in her car about thirty miles from the YouTube headquarters–500 miles away from her home in San Diego.  Throughout their twenty minute interaction, Aghdam stayed calm and collected, not mentioning YouTube or the plan to harm others or herself. Afterwards, the officers contacted her brother, and after looking up the location of Mountain View and seeing its proximity to YouTube headquarters, he became worried because he knew Aghdam had issues with YouTube.

When Aghdam’s father was later reached, he was aware that she was against animal cruelty and that she created videos about the vegan lifestyle, but he had no idea about her intentions at the YouTube headquarters. Once her family heard about what happened, they sent their prayers to the victims hoping for a fast recovery.

The three victims were immediately sent to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. The victims included a thirty-six year old man, a thirty-two year old woman, and a twenty-seven year old woman. The thirty-six year old man is still being hospitalized, while the thirty-two and twenty-seven year old were both released on April 11. Authorities have not reported any deaths from this shooting.