Mrs. Vokic: Art Teacher and Cake Decorator

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Mrs. Vokic: Art Teacher and Cake Decorator

Genny Kootsouradis and Samantha Jones

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Many students throughout MMS know exactly who you’re talking about when you mention Mrs Vokic.  Mrs Vokic is the art teacher for grades 6-8 and also teaches an additional class for the eighth grade, art tech.

Vokic teaches different art techniques to the sixth graders, then she expands on those techniques to the seventh graders. More advanced projects like sculptures made out of clay or colored pencils and masks made from paper mache plaster strips are offered to the eighth graders.

Art tech is a special eighth-grade elective class in which students learn to use different editing programs on the computer to make digital art and architectural designs to meet the needs of a client.

Pedro Chiesa described Mrs. Vokic as a reasonable teacher who “gives students a lot of creative freedom.”  Mariana Quinones explained, “I love her. She’s super sweet; she’s a child at heart.” She also remarked that Mrs. Vokic is very talented and that her class is “chill.”

Meg Linsky said, “Even if your art is bad, she’ll encourage you and give you helpful pointers.”

Mrs. Vokic has many hobbies and things that she enjoys doing when she is not in school. Some of these hobbies include painting, hiking, and camping. She also enjoys traveling in her free time with her husband and five children. She’s been all over the U.S. and to Spain, Canada, and Aruba, which is an island off the coast of Venezuela.

She also spends a lot of her time outside of school designing cakes.  This began with her creating her own kids’ birthday cakes over the last twenty years, and she has been doing this for customers for five years now.

She used to be a runner while she was in school and some after she got out of school. Although she hasn’t been running in a while, she formerly did track and field, where she did shot put and discus. She also joined drama club while a student. Vokic stated that once she joined drama, she became more outgoing.

In addition to teaching art, Vokic also likes to look at art and do art in her free time. Mrs. Vokic says her favorite art to look at is stained glass and different sculptures. Her favorite art to create her self is painting.

As a child, Vokic loved to do art. She would do crafts and draw. As she grew up, she wanted to become a doctor. In school, Vokic described herself as wanting to be “perfect.” She got good grades and she also described herself as a “goody two-shoes,” shy, and quiet. She also said that she hated middle school–that it was awful. Although, she did say that her AP biology teacher, Mr. Kerata, inspired her to become a teacher. She wanted to be like him because of his fun personality. These years also inspired her to become an art teacher, because her art teacher at the time was awful. She imagined how art could be so different if taught with someone more like Mr. Kerata, and she saw herself in this role.

Mrs. Vokic went o Case Western to for her Bachelor’s Degree. For her master’s in curriculum, she went to Nova Southeastern University. Before she came to Mayfield, she taught at several schools: Andrews Osborne Academy, then at a school in Mentor, then in Cleveland Heights, and finally, here.

Vokic has been teaching for close to 20 years now, and she has been teaching art all 20 of them. She also has always been a middle school art teacher. She said that she loves teaching, especially middle schoolers because “anything goes.” Her job brings her joy because, as Mrs. Vokic said herself, “Every single minute of every single day is different.”