Mrs. Bartram: Track coach and major book lover

Samantha Jones, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Bartram on school trip with a few of her students

Mrs. Bartram is the language arts teacher for the seventh grade Innovator team at Mayfield Middle School. She is also the head coach for the girl’s track team. Her calm personality can be seen and felt around her room, the walls of which are filled with quotes.

Before Mrs. Bartram became a teacher, her parents wanted her to work in business. She followed that career path for a while as an upscale business owner. While she loved doing it, she was more passionate for a different occupation. She wanted to be a teacher.

Mrs. Bartram first realized that she wanted to be a teacher in her senior year of high school, which is also when she realized she wanted to become a coach. Her love for being around children and for helping others did influence her realization, but she had another influence in her life around the same time: her high school history teacher.

“I loved his class,” Mrs. Bartram expressed, “and we had a good connection.”

Mrs. Bartram explained that he cared about the extracurricular activities she was doing, such as her participation in student council and cheer-leading. She liked that he was fun and that he, too, ran track when he was younger.

Mrs. Bartram has coached track for kids of all ages for over twenty years. When she was younger, she “wanted to be a phys ed teacher or a track coach.”

Track coaches left-to-right: Miss Vinborg, Mrs. Bartram, Mr. Mittinger

She was very successful as a runner. She started running for middle school, continuing the sport for another nine years, ultimately leading to earning a scholarship. Due to her athletic abilities, she made it to nationals and became an “All-American:” an award for amateur athletes.

Mrs. Bartram has been a teacher for seven years, four of which have been spent at MMS. Before she was a teacher, she was a substitute teacher. After graduating from Ashland University with an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree, she received her teaching degree from Notre Dame.

Mrs. Bartram loves her job; she explains that when she comes to school, she doesn’t feel like she is coming to work, and she wouldn’t want to have any other job due to her love for teaching.

Mrs. Bartram decided to teach language arts is because she loves to read and wants to bolster her students’ love for reading. When she was a student, she “always did…work and followed rules and was a good student but not a good test taker.”

Overall, Mrs. Bartram is an enthusiastic and kind teacher who loves what she does. She is an amazing coach and a great teacher who is fun to be around.

Mrs. Bartram and her husband and children


Mrs. Bartram with a few of her students