History fanatic, Mrs. Streitman, celebrates birth of third child

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History fanatic, Mrs. Streitman, celebrates birth of third child

Genny Kootsouradis, Staff Writer

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Mrs. Streitman, the social studies teacher on team Ignite, is known for passionately running the National History Day club and for her unique and engaging style of teaching.

When Mrs. Streitman was in middle school, she did theatre and drama. She also did drag racing. “I know, a weird hobby,” she stated. Streitman was more of a shy girl in middle school. “I had friends, but I was very introverted.”

Mrs. Streitman studied law, religion, and German. She said if she wasn’t a teacher, she would’ve liked to become an editor. “I enjoy reading and writing,” she explained.

When she isn’t grading papers or planning lessons, she’s either outside or hanging out with her children.

Mrs. Streitman went to college at Ohio Northern University. Before she taught at Mayfield, she taught in Colorado, at Denver Public Schools. The reason she wanted to become a teacher was because she “really liked working with young people.” She thinks that eighth-grade students are the best to teach. “They’re making a transition from kid, to young adult.” Streitman says it’s an honor to help children make that transition. She also adds that she has more patience with older children.

When planning out lessons, Streitman says that she often starts off with a hook of some sort. “I love primary sources!” she admitted in an interview. Her hooks include documents, letters or news articles from that time period. Then she goes on into the actual lesson which may be taking notes or watching a Prezi.

Rather than typical tests, she often has students demonstrate learning by doing projects such as creating children’s books or board games, or even designing or delivering a mini lesson to classmates.

The New Baby

On March 14, Mrs. Streitman’s third child was born. At 2:22am, the family welcomed Baby Linus, 7 pounds 15 ounces.

Team Ignite had a party to celebrate her birth and say farewell before her maternity leave. Mrs Streitman walked into the auditorium and the whole team exclaimed, “Surprise!” Her first thought was “Oh my gosh!” (she even cried a bit). Streitman had no idea about any of this, but she knew something was up. Eighth-grade student Luke Schofield handed Streitman an envelope that was addressed to Mrs Shaffer, Ignite’s English teacher and the mastermind behind this party. Another student, Dhruv Bumbla, was also hinting about something on Tuesday (the day this celebration was held). Streitman said that Ignite’s math teacher, Mr Carlson, kept her nerves calm. She asked him about things, but Mr. Carlson kept her calm–claiming to have no idea.

This party was disguised as a Team Time. “I still need to do my spark cards,” she said. Spark cards are basically shout-outs that are written on paper flames and hung up in the Ignite hallway. This party included desserts that students made, Hawaiian Punch (bought by Mr Carlson), and little games for everyone to play. One game included holding a paper plate on your head, and drawing a baby without looking at your plate. Another game was a baby relay. Students had to dress babies and use strollers to take them to and from each side of the auditorium. Prizes from these contests included Baby Bottle Pops and Baby Bottle Lollipops.

Team Ignite wishes Mrs. Streitman and Baby Linus a special and memorial maternity leave.