New Beginnings for the Cleveland Cavaliers


Nakyla Kelly, Staff Writer

ÓAfter winning the NBA championships in 2015 then losing to the Golden State Warriors in game five last year, 113-91, Cavs fans were hopeful for another good year. But on August 22, Kyrie Irving requested to get traded to the  Boston Celtics.

According to, Sports Illustrated, “Irving no longer wants to play second fiddle to James and is looking for a situation in which he can play a more focal role on offense.”

They received Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder from the Celtics in a five-player trade.  Crowder was initially drafted by the Cavs in 2012.

Isaiah Thomas is an All-Star, which seems promising, but he is injured.  According to the Bleacher Report, he could possibly be dealing with a more serious injury then suspected. Bleacher Report said, “No one has any idea how quickly this will heal or if it even will heal at all,’ the source said. ‘It’s hard to predict.” He will not be playing in any games any time soon. Isaiah’s injury caused the Cleveland Cavalier to delay the trade with the Celtics.

The trade with the Celtics also involved Ante Zizic, who is new to the league. He was a prospect of the European Basketball League from the time he was sixteen, but in the summer league, he averaged only eight points a game; he will be used mainly for rebounding and blocking shots.

The Cleveland Cavaliers also got Derrick Rose, point guard formerly from the Chicago Bulls.  He was looking for a new team before retirement.

So, with so many changes, what will this season look like for the Cavaliers? The fans have mixed emotions about Kyrie Irving leaving to go to the Boston Celtics. Some are grieving the loss while others are happy about Isaiah Thomas coming to the Cleveland Cavaliers. One Twitter user tweeted, “We got Isaiah Thomas. Who cares  if Kyrie leaves? I’m happy for the guy and my team.”

It has also been stated that this could potentially be LeBron James’s last year with the Cavs. Reportedly, his wife wants to move to LosAngeles. Losing LeBron would be a major setback for the Cavs and mean even bigger changes in the future.

Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and Derrick Rose are “All In” with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and fans eagerly wait to see how the changes will impact the team.