Why Do Teachers Choose To be Teachers?


Bibby Boclear, Staff Writer

Every student at one point in their lives has had this one burning question: what made their teacher want to become a teacher? There are many factors that may have caused a student to ask this question, like how they felt about that teacher that day or what the teacher’s behavior was. Either way, whether the student loves the teacher or hates them, the question still remains: why choose teaching?

Teachers at Mayfield Middle School were interviewed on what made them want to be a teacher and there were many varied answers. Ms. Valenti, a Language Arts sub, said that she started teaching because she enjoys helping students and teaching them things that will help them in the future. The STEM teacher, Mrs. McGarry, says that she likes the fact that she teaches her students different things other than the ordinary subjects like math and social studies. The consumer science teacher, Mrs. Bakeman, added that she likes to teach people to do regular household things, so that they are prepared to do basic tasks once they are out on their own.

All of the teachers interviewed said that they chose this profession because they love children and enjoy helping them learn. That is the basis for teaching, because you have to like being around kids if you are going to be a teacher! You are going to be with them everyday!

At the end of the day, if you ever see your teacher having a bad day or just seem to be annoyed in class, remember that they are human too and they have the right to get angry. This does not mean that they hate their job; they are just having an off day! Your teachers are there for a purpose: to teach and equip you with the things you need in your future to have good lives.