Which Phone Product is Better: Apple or Galaxy?


Bibby Boclear, Staff Writer

As you are sitting on a bus on the way to school, you notice that everyone is using an iPhone. As we all know, Apple products are the leading technology company in modern day America. Over 94 million iPhones are in use by Americans, which is over a third of the American population.

Almost all major name brands have a rival, right? Big names like McDonald’s have rivalries with another top chain food restaurants like Wendy’s, Chipotle, and Moe’s. Apple’s rival is Samsung, which is known for constantly copying off of Apple’s products, like the Apple Watch and the iPad.

While Samsung is a good brand, there are many negative things about them that may turn consumers away. First, the phones they produce sometimes crash, which makes the phone slow and more susceptible them a virus. Let’s not forget about how the batteries used to blow up inside of the phones! The phones would blow up because of a battery circuit that was punctured in the phone, and, when the consumer went to go charge their phone, the battery caught fire. This caused Samsung sales go down. Not very good, right?

There are many good things about Apple, but there are some minor tweaks that may need to get fixed. One bad thing about Apple is the many popups and ads that cannot be blocked while searching the web. Another thing Apple needs to improve is the lifespan of the battery before it dies. On average, your iPhone might last about 5 hours before you panic and see the black screen! Lastly, that skimpy little white lightning cord requires maximum care so it will not tear or have a shortage.

Seventy-five students at Mayfield Middle School were interviewed on which phone they liked best: Apple or Samsung. The results were rather dashing on Apple’s side. Eighty six percent of people like Apple and the other fourteen percent liked Samsung. Teacher Jacklyn Hastings said that she likes her iPhone because she can FaceTime people on it, which is a chat feature that uses the camera like Skype. However, she does dislikes the updates and how they change weekly.

While there are many good and bad things about Apple and Samsung, it has been revealed that most people prefer Apple products.