How Real is Reality TV?

How Real is Reality TV?

Bibby Boclear, Staff Writer

Almost everyone in the United States thinks that reality TV is fake, because it is always filled with extremely rich people who have overly dramatic lives. The most surfaced questions are “Are they scripted?”, “Are the fights planned?”, and “Do they do things like fights and feuds for money?”

One of the most popular reality shows is Real Housewives of Atlanta (or RHOA) on Bravo. This is one of many shows on the network that is about the richness of women and how they balance their social lives and work. For example, their fakeness can be seen in instances like cast member Sheree Whitfield, who seems to have a lot of nice things for someone who does not make that much money. According to, Whitfield’s net worth is only $100,000, and yet she drives a $205,000 dollar car. That is way above how much money she estimatedly has!

Another accused fake Reality TV show is Love and Hip Hop: ATL, which is about aspiring rappers in Atlanta, Georgia. These rappers are only known because of this TV show, so it seems odd that they can afford an expensive home and car when they are not bringing in that much money to begin with.

Students at MMS were interviewed on whether or not they think reality TV is fake and 88% of people said yes and 12% said no. Teacher Cheryl D’Amico believes that they are fake because she feels that the show might keep the drama king or queen on instead of eliminating them in order to bring in viewers. Student Jayla Wilson said that the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians is fake because, she feels that the cast members are only going to do things that will seek viewers’ attention.

In conclusion, reality TV shows are not real because they are only giving the viewers what they want to see. Most of the time, the details that people put out in the media is revealed to be false, which shows that it is all put out there in order to boost their reputation and get paid for drama.