Is it Time to Put a Limit on School Uniforms?


Bibby Boclear, Staff Writer

Throughout America, there is an ongoing debate about whether or not a uniform requirement should be created for students. From a student’s perspective, the idea may come off as ugly, dull or even uncomfortable to both the body and the mind. For the school administration, it comes off as a good way to keep structure in the classroom.

According to the US Department of Education, kids wear school uniforms more now than ever before. In the years 2000 to 2016, schools that required uniforms to be worn went up from 12% to 20%. Additionally, 23% of students were required to wear uniforms in elementary schools and 15% of students were required to wear them in high school.

There are many pros and cons to uniforms. One pro to wearing school uniforms is, according to, the percentage of battery and assault dropped by 34% which meant that schools were safer. Another pro is that vandalism was lowered by 18% which lowered stealing. Also, possession of drugs went down by 69%.

School uniforms also help make better school environments because, according to, uniforms help encourage discipline, help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes, and diminish social and economic barriers between students.

One con, however, is that school uniforms can cost a pretty penny. According to, the average cost for a complete uniform is $249. If a student were to have 3 uniforms a week, that would total out to $747 each year.  Another con of uniforms is that it limits a student’s freedom of choice. According to, school uniforms violate the first amendment by not letting students simply have their own individuality. They also produce very sexist guidlines by saying that girls are not allowed to wear shorts.

The students at Mayfield Middle School were interviewed on this topic, with 90% saying that they hated uniforms. Kaydence Brewer stated that uniforms limited her individuality, which is why she was against them. Another student, Alexis Thomas, was a part of the 10% who was for uniforms. She claimed that it was a good thing because “it eliminates the extra emphasis put on dress code. Plus it takes off the extra pressure on students.”

While there are good explanations for both sides of the argument, there is still an ongoing debate. While school uniforms limit trouble in school, they also limit people’s expression.

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